V G A - l i b - 3

VGALIB3 is a library for the FST (Fitted Software Tools) Modula-2 compiler, to work with VGA mode 12h (640 x 480 x 16). The library has routines for plotting, drawing lines, making boxes, writing to screen of text and CARDINALs and more.

It consists of a DEF file, an M2O file, and a MOD file with FULL SOURCES. All critical routines are in inline ASM.

VGALIB is FREE SOFTWARE as defined in the GNU General Public License.

This is version 1.3 and replaces version 1.2 which did not plot coloured text

In the download section is also version 3a. This is essentially the same as VGAlib3, but Settext is removed and SetVGA is improved.
In the improved VGAlib3, SetVGA sets the VGA card to ANY state, and it returns the old state as a CARDINAL. This enables the programmer to reset the VGA card to the state it was in before the program was started.

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