Going graphical with Mocka

Dr Maurer made a lot of work of his Murus system. It has a lot of potential and the already made modules also have significance. The only drawback: it is 100% german language.... And although there have been some initiatives in the previous century to make this language universal all over the world, things have developed otherwise.. ;o)

So I set it my task to translate the nucleus modules of Murus to english so that all people with a reasonable command of english are enbaled to make graphical programs with Murus/Mocka. So you don't need that terrible Tcl/Tk anymore.

Dr Maurer made his graphic routines to streamline his Murus software base. From his point of view this was the easiest solution to deal with the times. To me, the simple guy translating his sources, this sometimes makes me wonder: "WHY so difficult? Why so much functionality?".
The answer is: his software is integrated and he NEEDS those extra functions for his Murus educational system. For us, the people interested only in a graphical environment for our software, a lot of the functions can be skipped.


After having spent an evening trying to get to the bottom of Murus, I remembered that Murus was built on the package XModula.tgz, as developped by Nicky from Freiburg (in Switzerland). So I located the file on my hard disk and opened it in a directory of its own. After having printed the full sources (about 40 sheets of paper, double sided printing) printed, I spent some time on XTest.mod to find out that THIS is what I am looking for. It is

So the Murus translation project is aborted (for the time being) in favor of getting my grips on XModula.

Murus is not discarded. Therefore it is too valuable. It's still good material for getting inspiration. In the end, I will end up with a hybrid between XModula and Murus.

It's been a day now and I have been looking through XModula. I'm not too sure this is it. It especially put me off to have to go through one definition module with 4000 lines of code! I think now, it is better to first have a look at Murus' XKern and then perhaps go back to XModula.

Murus translations.

Below you see a list with translations I made for the Murus system with the Mocka Modula-2 compiler. If you want to know more of a specific project, just click on the related link in the navigator.
Have fun. If you find a dead link or other error in the site or the software, please send me a short E-mail describing the problem and I will try to fix it ASAP. Send your mail to the address in the navigator frame.

CRT (Bildschirm)

CRT is a massive module. It contradicts with everything Niklaus Wirth has ever wrote about the size of software. Still, Bildschirm is the heart of Murus. Dr Maurer did a splendid job here: no matter if his software is running in a text console, a VT terminal or a modern TFT screenm Bildschirm functions will take care of the screen output. Bildschirm has functions for EVERYTHING. From setting pixels to colour inverting the inside of Ellipses. And more.

Taking this all into account, Bildschirm is good reading for getting inspiration. Yet is is too much to analyze it, strip it and transform it into something else....


This is the main interface module between C and Modula-2. I didn't need to translate this for the moment but it is inevitable that it will be translated at all...


Dr Maurer made a special section called Cardinals. It contains two functions (MUL and DIV) that are handcoded in assembly to speed up multiplications.


Time contains some functions to change or read the time in Linux.


A random number generator, based on work of Donald Knuth.


Colour processing in Murus is done in this MODULE.


Just changed the name of the module....

Mocka mailinglist.

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