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If the lines of text are too long you can fix the problem with these instructions.

If you do not have a suitable printer, most document copying shops will let you use their computers and printers to print out web pages.

The dance articles can be printed out with your browser. The figures will be included in each article. You will want to either staple the pages together or print them on 3 hole paper to put into a loose leaf notebook. It will require a large 12 inch (30 cm) stapler and 5/8 inch (1.59 cm) staples to staple each article. If you want to donate a copy to your local library you will want to have them bound by a book binder. The articles "social ballroom dancing" and "the viennese waltz" depend on each other, and are really one article split in two pieces. Ideally they will both be printed out and kept together. They are too large to be stapled together, but they could be bound together.

You should set your browser to print with the left margin to 1.5 inches, and the top, bottom and right margins to one inch. The paragraphs below tell how to do this with the most popular browser in windows, internet explorer, and the most popular browser in linux, iceweasel.

INTERNET EXPLORER. To the right of the print icon is a down arrow. Click on the down arrow and select "page setup". Set the margins as described above. Set page headers and footers to blank, except for page number on the footer.

ICEWEASEL. Click on "file", "page setup", "paper size". Select "manage custom sizes". "custom size 1" will be the default. Select the margins as described above. Make sure "paper size" is set to "custom size 1", the click "apply".

If you have gone to this much trouble to get a good printout, it probably does not pay to skimp on the paper. I use 100% cotton paper in a 20 pound weight. This paper works well on my old laser printer.