Jan 2013. In men's clothing section of viennese waltz article typographical errors noted in Bridgland's book.

Nov 2012. Discussion of rise and fall in "individual practice" section revised again.

Oct 2012. In individual practice section of Appendix B the first paragraph extended.

July 2012. In men's clothes section news of availability of tailoring book by Bridgland.

Nov 2011. Rise and fall further clarified in individual practice section of Appendix B of viennese waltz article.

June 2011. Both viennese waltz and social ballroom article modified to have figures embedded in the articles. The links to figures are retained for convienience of printing out individual figures. This change allows one to print out a complete article including the figures.

Nov 2010. Appendix B, individual practice section, further clarification of rise and fall.

Oct 2010. Appendix B. Further clarification of the hold.

Sept 2010. Appendix B. Expanded first paragraph on individiual practice.

Aug 2010. Appendix F. wax slick enough for rubber soles mentioned.

July 2010. Appendix F. Experimental method to improve commerical wax proposed.

May 2010. Appendix F. rag soaked in thinner suggested as easier to clean soles than sandpaper.

Feb 2010. After a long absence the Detroit ball was once again added to the list of balls. The description of the Detroit debutante show was included in the description of the ball, and removed from the appendix on debutante events. The Duke ball was re-visited. In Appendix A the historical section was revised.

Jan 2010. In social ballroom dancing, first paragraph of the rhythm section rewritten. Added material in the "join" section. In viennese waltz article, additional material at the end of the last paragraph of the hold section. The sticky sole paragraph rewritten.

Dec 2009. In Appendix B, section on dancing with a partner, added material and rewording.

Nov 2009. In article "social ballroom dancing" figures for reverse pivot turn, quarter turns, and chasse reverse turn are revised to make them more like they are danced with a partner, an less in a format easy for a man beginner to practice by himself. In the viennese waltz article, the last paragraph of the soles section was expanded to explain the dangers of too much thinner in the glue.

Sept 2009. Appendix B, fleckerl section rewritten. Appendix E. Extended advice on how conductor should play waltzes.

July 2009. Appendix B, in "dancing with a partner" section, comment added about technique for dancing to slower music.

Jun 2009. Appendix B, paragraph on rise and fall added, last paragraph in the "individual practice" section.

May 2009. Updated description of Wilmington ball. Some of Appendix F rewritten.

Mar 2009. Appendix F. Section on gluing soles rewritten.

Dec 2008. Appendix E. Added section on announcements and tickets. Appendix B. Added material on how to take large steps in the reverse turn. Appendix D. Material added on how to make tailsuit coat cling without fasteners.

Nov 2008. Updated description of Milwaukee ball. Appendix F, added comments about getting used to slick soles.

Oct 2008. Updated description of University of Texas ball. Appendix F, some rewording in first paragraph.

Aug 2008. Appendix F, added last paragraph in soles section on repairing soles.

July 2008. Added two sources of ladies flat shoes in appendix D.

Feb 2008. Updated review of Washington D.C. ball.

Dec 2007. Appendix F, added comment on preparing sticky soles.

Nov 2007. Appendix B, first paragraph, mention of process.

Oct 2007. Appendix on recorded music changed from F to I in order to make it the last appendix. Subsequent appendices moved forward one letter in the alphabet. Appendix F. Mentioned proportions of my own slick and sticky soles. Appendix B, description of posture simplified.

Aug 2007.Appendix G. Comments on using chrome tanned grain leather soles. Revised comments on sliding friction. Appendix B. Heel slides on step 1 with small steps, not with large ones, so step 1 no longer described as starting with sliding heel.

July 2007.MAJOR CHANGE! Appendix G. Distinction made between friction preferred by athletic competition dancers and casual social dancers.

June 2007. Appendix G. suggestion to get light colored leather for easier marking. More revision on wood floors.

May 2007. Delaware ball added, San Diego ball updated. Appendix G. First paragraph on wood floors revised.

Mar 2007. Rewording of shoe separation in "hold" section of Appendix B. Appendix G, new paragraph added after slope method.

Feb 2007. The title was changed from "Annual Viennese Waltz Balls" to "The Viennese Waltz" to reflect how the article has changed since it began as little more than a list. Appendix E. Some revision of dance music section. The Utah ball was added to the list of balls.

Jan 2007. Appendix B. additional comment on tempos. Appendix D. More on Savile Row tailsuits. Appendix E and Appendix I: tempo recommended for polka mazur.

Dec 2006. Appendix B. Step timing added to natural and reverse turn figures.

Nov 2006. List: San Francisco ball updated. Appendix D. Tip on wearing waistcoat.

Oct 2006. Appendix D. More information on barathea fabric weave. Clarification of high waisted tailsuits. Appendix I. Further clarification.

Sept 2006. table of contents simplified so it will all fit on the screen. In friction measurement section comment added about sliding friction of oil sealed maple.

Aug 2006. Appendix E. Need for floor cleanliness to allow for ballgown trains mentioned. Need for ballroom temperature to be set independently from the rest of the building.

July 2006. Appendix B. A cautionary clarifying sentence added in the first paragraph. Paragraph about walking moved to social dancing article. More detail added on step four of natural turn. Appendix G. Mention of techniques to keep body of tailsuit from inclining backward when centrifugal force pulls the tails.

June 2006. Appendix G. Introductory paragraph added mentioning both friction measurement methods.

May 2006. Appendix B. Definition of step rewritten. Minor format changes throughout article, for the purpose of making it compatible with the program htmldoc, for printed copy.

Apr 2006. Appendix G. Stated that 3 hours of dancing on hardwood floor seems to be enough to make suede leather "worn". Stated that 40% teflon reduces static friction by about half. Appenix B. Hold section modified. Step diagrams for natural and reverse turns modified to state explicitly that steps same for man and lady.

Mar 2006. Appendix B. In hold section, extensive discussion of balance added. In natural turn section, how to achieve timing clarified. Appendix D. Revised discussion of tailsuits. Appendix E. In environment section added paragraph about drinking water. Appendix A. Revised historical section. Appendix F. Added paragraph about changing tempos of recorded music. Appendix G. revised description of slope method, added figure.

Jan 2006. Appendix G. added slope method for testing friction of small samples, added mention of do-it-yourself hard surface floors. Added material about sticky new leather soles and variability of rubber soles. Rewrote part of appendix I to correct misreading of tempo notation.

Dec 2005. Updated description of Duke ball.

Nov 2005. Appendix B. contents list added. In hold section, picture of relative feet positions added. Terminology changed from "shoulder hold" to "back hold", hold remains same. Toe-heel weight distribution changed in hold description. Appendix G. more material added in section on friction measurement. Appendix C made less wordy in one place. Appendix I, link to Scott book added.

Oct 2005. Appendix B, link to illustration of ballroom hold added. Preface, mention of tarfile. Appendix D, revised discussion of lapels. Appendix I added.

Sept 2005. Appendix G, sentence added about marking bottom of leather soles. Paragraph added about parquet vs. planking. Appendix B, description of height of man's right elbow rewritten. This article probably says more about dance floor friction than any other on the net. However, it just spoke of "friction", not "dance floor friction", so searches for dance floor friction did not discover this article. Therefore, "friction" has been replaced by "dance floor friction" throughout, resulting in stilted writing but hopefully more useful searches.

Aug 2005. Appendix D, two paragraphs in ladies clothes section added about safety issues.

July 2005. Appendix D, simplified section on commercial dance shoes. Appendix B, clarified paragraph in hold section about standing against the wall.

June 2005 Updated listing of Ft. Collins ball. Appendix C, mentioned the difference between annual balls and weekly dances.

May 2005. Appendix D, description of adding pockets to pants of competition tailsuit.

Apr 2005. Appendix E, paragraph added suggesting edge effects worse than previously estimated. Appendix D, barathea defined.

Mar 2005. Appendix D, mens overcoat alterations mentioned. Appendix G, sections on soles and floors rewritten.

Feb 2005 Appendix G, drawing of slick sole added. Minor revisions in the sections on men's clothes, and in the section on dancing with a partner. Preface, explanation of how to save web page with figures to your computer. Appendix E, mention of onestep music.

Jan 2005 Appendix D, reference to trouser tabs deleted because probably not as appropriate when wearing suspenders. Description of tux elaborated. Link now shows relevant gown, not whole ball. Link added showing other ballgowns. Link to diagram of rope train. Appendix E, rewrote paragraph on loudness.

Dec. 2004 Appendix B, minor changes in section on hold. Appendix D, minor changes in men's clothes. Appendix E, modified loudspeaker recommendations.

Oct. 2004. Appendix D, minor clarification in paragraph about train design. Appendix B, split the first paragraph into three paragraphs. List, update of University of Texas ball.

Sept 2004. Preface, clarification in terminology in description of "American Viennese waltz". Appendix D, paragraph added on white dinner jackets. Paragraph added describing the design of trains. Appendix F, Gramola paragraph modified.

Aug 2004. Appendix B. More subsections labeled. Appendix G. Clarification on sourses of error in measuring friction. Description of scale.

July 2004. Preface, expanded. Appendix G, tung oil mentioned for bare wood floors, pargraph added proposing public formulations for floor finishes. Appendix B, reason for difference between my alignments and ISTD alignments.

June 2004. Appendix D, ladies clothes, sentence added about ballgowns wrinkling in suitcase. Appendix F, music, added paragraph about contrast between music of 1800's and today. Appendix G, friction, paragraph on sticky and slick soles made separate section, with links to it from contents and Appendix D. Appendix G, paragraph added on sanding wood floors. Appendix B, further advice on avoiding knee knocking.

May 2004. Rewrote Appendix F, music. Appendix E, more specific about tango tempo.

April 2004. Appendix G: revised paragraph on portable dance floors. Appendix F: revised paragraph on Marco Polo sets of Strauss CD's. Appendix E: revised paragraph on polka-mazur. Appendix B: material added on walking together.

Mar 2004. Up to this time I had not changed the year to 2004, it was still 2003! Appendix C: clarified the procedure for getting the book "Adversaries of Dance". Appendix D: changed the word "good" to "useable" for floors from 30-36 percent friction; good would be closer to 33.

Feb 2004. Appendix G: warning about toxicity of glue, more specific recommendations concerning combination leather-rubber soles and concerning portable dance floors. List: ball in Spokane WA added. Appendix E, music section, paragraph added advocating the polka-mazur. Contents: moved to front, more detailed. This is not acceptable in a printed book, but this is a web page. Appendix B, deleted a couple of confusing references to line of dance.

Dec 2003. Insignificant cosmetic changes consisting of a paragraph at the beginning of some appendices listing the sections in the appendix. Dinner table settings discussed in the etiquette appendix.

Nov. 2003. Preface: advise on binding. List: updated Milwaukee ball. Appendix G: added paragraph on choosing floor finish to meet conflicting requirements. Appendix B: minor revision of paragraph on sway. Preface: added paragraph about waltz history.

Oct. 2003. Appendix B: paragraph on sway rewritten.

Sept. 2003. Mentioned country and western waltz in preface, Appendix A and Appendix B. Appendix D: revised discussion of hoop skirts and train skirts. Appendix B: made figures smaller; they had been too large to print on one page from some browsers. Appendix B: added paragraph on the difference between the change figures reccommended and those typically danced by ballroom competitors and country and western social dancers. In article "the viennese waltz", added last paragraph on friction.

Aug 2003. Appendix D. Mentioned belt loops to keep cummerbund in place, buying tuxedos online at low prices.

July 2003. Appendix E. Formula added for estimating the number of tickets that can be satisfactorily sold which takes into account "edge effects" of the dance floor; these effects require small floors to have lower densities than large floors. Appendix G. Quicker break-in of new chrome tanned soles. More detailed description of how to glue soles on shoes. Appendix B. Added paragraph on learning to walk together. Appendix D. More detail on men's coats cut for dancing.

June 2003. Appendix G. Comments on oil soap. Appendix H. Added description of young ladies gliding with forward change steps.

May 2003. Appendix B, expanded discussion of change figures to explain the peculiar nature of the change figures shown in the step diagrams. Simplified way to tell if music too fast added to end of Appendix B. pdf version of document discontinued for lack of popularity. Appendix D, revised material on tailsuits.

April 2003. Appendix B, links to step diagram figures in PNG format added. Appendix D, clarification on women's flat shoes. Appendix E, references to Neufert, and to uneven rhythm. Appendix H, revision of material on debutantes in Vienna.

Jan 2003. Appendix A, updated reference to Alex Moore's tenth edition.

Dec 2002. Appendix E, tempo of tango clarified. Telephone 800 numbers are not reachable outside of North America; non-800 equivalents added for convenience of people who live elsewhere.

Nov 2002. Updated Milwaukee and San Francisco balls. Revised and clarified material on tempo in Appendix E. Added reference to series of Strauss CD's in Appendix F.

Sept 2002. Added headings "preface" and "contents", and link to two column pdf version which is more readable when printed. Minor changes in appendix on friction in section on shoe soles.

August 2002. Appendix B: Description of ballroom hold previously said "left" when it should have said "right". The paragraph was rewritten to clarify.

June 2002. Appendix D: Paragraph on ladies competition ballgowns added.

April 2002. Updated San Diego Young Artists ball. Appendix B: mentioned sidestep on step 4. Added paragraph on pendulum swing. Added variation on fleckerl. Added paragraph on kitchen practice. Moved paragraph on knee knocking, and added to it. Appendix G: Added paragraph on using small Teflon patch to get shoe friction intermediate between leather and Teflon. Appendix H: Completely rewrote paragraph on debutante events in Vienna.

Feb 2002. Added metric units in parentheses after the American units. Las Vegas ball ceased operation.

Dec 2001. Ball list. Non-discrimination statement added. Previously figures, or maneuvers, had been carelessly referred to as steps. This has been corrected.

Nov 2001. What makes a good ball: revised discussion of light levels.

Oct 2001. Friction:added material on rubber soles, mop on floor finishes, selection of finish. Ball list: deleted one San Francisco event because management of facility, not ball coordinators, objected to listing. Updated listing for Austin ball. How to dance: elaborated description of posture and hold.

Sept 2001. Friction: modified shoe sole recommendations. Moved material on debutante functions to separate appendix to make it easier to find the student balls in the ball list.

July 2001. Viennese waltz: mentioned first 3/4 time music. List: explained "at" format of e-mail addresses. Clothes: gave dates of popularity of hoop skirts.

June 2001. Introduction: mentioned Viennese Waltz also known as Vienna Waltz. Social dance article: added paragraph on tango, clarified quarter turn. Added separate article on the debt owed by social dancing to competition dancing.

May 2001. List:Updated DC ball, two San Francisco balls, and one San Diego ball. Introduction: slight modification. Appendix E: strengthened discussion of tempo.

Feb 2001. List: added Detroit, and viennese and American style debutante events. Appendix E: added method of fixing pendulum to music stand. Appendix F: added CD with debutante polonaise.

Jan 2001. List: added Cleveland. Clothes: recommended low heel pumps for ladies. Appendix A: rewrote paragraph referring to English country dancing. Low cost balls: mention use of DJ or only four musicians.

Nov 2000. Introduction: added paragraph on cultural change. List:updated Milwaukee. Deleted San Francisco because of legal issue arising from the rented ballroom that surprised and disappointed both me and the ball organizers. Deleted Sacramento ball because it is discontinued. Appendix D: emphasized full skirts, justified tuxes, emphasized shoe fit. Appendix G: more on urethane, deleted mention of mop and glo. I had previously danced on a kitchen floor that had many old coats of mop and glo which seemed perfect. But when I applied two coats to someone else's new floor it seemed too sticky. Either the product changed, or I needed more coats.

June 2000. Appendix D: some rewriting on shoes. Appendix E: some rewriting on floor size. Appendix G: some rewriting on floors.

May 2000. List: Updated Ft. Collins ball. Appendix B: paragraph on sway added. Appendix E: Added material on floor friction regarding differences for men and women, and uniformity required. Appendix G: Minor rewording for clarity.

April 2000. Appendix E: added pargraphs on time allotted to dancing and dance show. Advocated emphasis on foxtrot among other dances. More emphasis on importance of correct tempo.

March 2000. Body: moved material on Vienna to separate article. List of balls: Updated references to Seattle and Washington balls. Appendices E and G, point out that middle of friction range, 33%, is best. Appendix G, point out that worn shoe soles needed for friction measurement. Added reference to urethane finishes. Appendix C:modify comments on cutting in. Appendix B: modify wording on body contact. Appendix D, modify comments on hoop skirts, point out that european dance shoes made in British sizes. Appendix E: strengthen case that gyms can be satisfactory ballrooms, added reference to social dance article.

Feb 2000. Body:added reference to this changelog. List of balls:Changed minimum floorspace per couple from 6.3 to 6.1. Updated Manhattan ball, added Philadelphia ball. Appendix A: Added reference to supplement to Moore's book. Added concerns about set dancing. Appendix B: Clarified body contact. Appendix D: revised estimate of price of low cost tux. Appendix E: added material on floor space per couple actually on floor. More specific on sound levels. Appendix G: Added comment on difficulty of friction measurement the first time.

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