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I am a retired electronic engineer. I was born in 1941. I wish information on waltz balls and social ballroom dancing had been readily available in my younger days, and am making it as readily available as I can as a public service for no compensation in my retirement. I did not learn ballroom dancing until I was 48; it would have helped my social life had I learned it much earlier. These balls are an opportunity for people with similar tastes to meet, and an oasis to experience an environment they prefer. Currently I attend country-western dances regularly and balls when I can.

Questions and comments are welcome. You have permission to link from your site to any part of my site. is a one man organization. Here at I am the chairman of the board, president, chief financial officer, head of the research department, and janitor. There is good communication between the departments. The only member of the staff who does not always do good work is the janitor.

By giving away free of charge information that I hope is valuable, I try to serve as an impoverished philanthropist.

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I started programming computers in 1963 on an earlier model of this computer back when computers really looked like computers. The earlier model did not have a hard drive. It was punched cards in, punched cards out. I computed a table of numbers representing the frequency response of a twoport model written in fortran-2.

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Given my advanced age, any day this web page might not have an author. I hope that in the event of my death, others will have saved the zip file of this web site so that they can put this web page on the internet under the version of the GNU public license that does not permit alterations. The site could remain in English or be translated to other languages. The references that are only temporarily available, such as links, email addresses and phone numbers to others should be deleted. My stuff could be part of larger web sites that have other articles by other people living or dead.

Donald Daniel sept 25 2013.

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